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Understanding Recreational Programs

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Ways To Quietly Assess Whether Your Children Had A Valuable Experience At Golf Camp

When you send your children to golf camp for a week or two during their summer break, you want them to find the experience valuable. Asking the children if they liked the experience will often yield conventional answers, so it's useful to quietly assess a number of factors that will clearly indicate whether the kids enjoyed the camp and got something out of it — and this may compel you to enroll them again next summer. Here are some things that you can assess without specifically asking the children about their golf camp experience.

Desire To Golf More

Perhaps the easiest way to assess the value of the golf camp for your children is to see if they want to go golfing more. Whether they're very new to this game or you put them into the camp to refine their skills in time for playing high school golf, you'll ideally see that the kids are more passionate about playing. Whether they're asking you to set up tee times for them, or they're old enough to book their own games and just need you to drive them to the local golf course, this is a positive sign that the summer golf camp was a worthwhile experience.

A Change In Their Attire

Golf is a game in which dressing right is important, but many young golfers don't always want to dress in a manner that is acceptable for playing golf. For example, an adolescent golfer may prefer an untucked shirt to one that is tucked in, and this could be an etiquette violation at your local golf course. Etiquette and attire are two things that are often emphasized at summer golf camp, so you'll be able to assess whether these messages got through if you notice a change in your children's attire. Perhaps they've expressed interest in buying clothing from golfing outfitters, or maybe they're just looking a little sharper in how they dress when they go out to play the game.

Several New Friends

You always want your children to gain new friends when they go to camp, so you should be able to see whether this has occurred. If your kids are wanting to go play golf, check who they'll be playing with. Ideally, you'll hear the names of some of the children who also took part in the golf camp. These may not be children from your children's school, which helps expose them to a wider circle of friends — and definitely affirms that you made the right decision in sending the children to golf camp.

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